This bill would set a minimum lot size for zoning in every municipality in Montana. In layman’s terms:

The smallest average lot size in America[1], for example, is Nevada at 7,405 sf.

Most of Montana’s larger communities have minimum lot sizes greater than 2,500 sf and lot coverage less than 60%, even for their most dense urban residential areas.

While setbacks are more common, it varies from community to community and many require higher setbacks than found in HB337, particularly in specific situations (trash collection in alleys, sight corners, building height, etc.)

Such global restrictions not only affect Montana’s larger cities, but also negatively affect smaller Montana communities such as Polson, Sidney, Columbia Falls, Miles City, Anaconda-Deer Lodge, Whitefish, Lewistown, Livingston, Laurel, and Havre.

Restricting the ability for locally elected officials to make policy decisions regarding your neighborhood adversely affects budgets, infrastructure, safety, and your ability to become involved in the local decision-making process.

Contact your local legislators and ask them to support local decision making and OPPOSE the restrictions that are found in bills like HB337. HB337 is scheduled for it’s first hearing January 31st at 3PM House Local Government committee.

• What works for one community does not work for another. One-size-fits-all mandates are not real housing solutions.

• Housing decisions should be made locally according to the unique needs of each community.

• Common-sense decisions, made locally, will serve Montanans best.

• Piecemeal, one-off bills are not going to fix our state’s housing issues.

• Montana needs and deserves a comprehensive approach that offers consistency, simplification, and more housing. HB337 is not it.

You can also find your local legislators by visiting supportlocal.network.  Easily locate your State Senator and Representatives in your area and ask them to Support Local!

[1] 2022 Lot size index, ANGI https://www.angi.com/articles/lot-size-index.htm